Character Education Statement

Why do we value Character Education?
At Orchard Primary School we acknowledge that the experiences provided for children in their primary years has a major impact on their future wellbeing and success. It is for this reason that from September 2018, we have made a whole school commitment to the teaching and development of character traits, attributes and behaviours which underpin achievement and success; endeavouring to ensure that developing ‘character’ goes hand in hand with high educational aspirations and achievement.


Character through the Curriculum
Through our rich and exciting creative curriculum, we focus on teaching pupils to be their best selves, to take pride in their work, and to be positive members of the school, and greater global communities.

We want to create children who thrive on challenge, love learning, respect each other and have attributes that will ensure that they will be valued members of our society.

We also create a culture where staff are empowered to take risks and be inventive with the curriculum and learning, where mistakes are seen as a valuable part of the learning process, where all staff and governors support each other and the ethos of the school and most importantly where the relationships in the school between all stakeholders provides a secure foundation for skill development.


Our Values
At Orchard, our values shine like the …







At Orchard Primary School, we have the highest aspirations for our children.

Deeply committed to providing the best possible education for all pupils, we place a child’s happiness and excellent standards of teaching, learning and leadership at the heart of all we do.

We believe that time in school should be rewarding and fulfilling. We, therefore, pride ourselves on creating an exciting and inspirational learning environment, through the implementation of a wide-ranging and challenging curriculum that meets the needs of the whole child and enables each individual to develop high self-esteem and experience success in both education and in their personal growth. 

Through our caring and inclusive learning environment, we aim to nurture and develop mutual respect, tolerance and teamwork - encouraging pupils to embrace diversity and value one another equally.

We are dedicated to promoting in pupils: resilience, a positive learning attitude and independence. We place a huge emphasis on the importance of kindness, consideration and good manners.

Determined that our pupils leave Orchard, as confident, responsible, life-long learners able to make a positive contribution to society, we strive to create a learning community, rich in opportunity, where everyone is valued, empowered and challenged to achieve their potential and excel in their achievements.


Areas of Responsibility
Pupils throughout the school are offered opportunities to take responsibility, to show initiative and to extend their social and cultural experiences.

These roles include: Classroom Monitors; School Council Representatives; House Captains; Anti-Bullying Ambassadors (ABA); Librarians; Playground Pals/Play Coaches and Hall Monitors.


Values Assemblies
Values Assemblies teach pupils about the personal qualities valued in society e.g. honesty, consideration, independence and self-respect. Assemblies also enable pupils to explore issues relating directly to rules, behaviour and bullying.


Achievement Celebration Assembly
We hold a weekly Achievement Celebration Assembly where we celebrate children’s classroom achievements. Each week teachers choose pupils to receive certificates for a range of attributes, both personal and academic e.g. ‘Star of the Week’, ‘Writer of the Week’, general ‘Well Done’ certificates, best class attendance etc.

The ‘Values Certificate’ is awarded once a week in an achievement assembly to a child chosen by their class teacher who has demonstrated one of the school’s five values (Positive; Respectful; Independent; (appreciation of ) Diversity; Enthusiastic).


The Always Children
Each class teacher will keep a record of the ‘always children.’ These are children who never need verbal reminders, never lose Golden Time, consistently work hard and are outstanding role models in terms of both behaviour and their learning attitude. At the end of each half-term, any child who is on the list will be given a special award in Assembly.


SPACE Team Launched!
To promote Character Education across the school, we have our ‘Fab Four’, who will be known as ‘SPACE’ (short for Super Positive Awesome Character Educators!)

They will lead assemblies and will discuss with pupils new ideas for making Orchard pupils awesome!


Hot Chocolate Fridays Have Arrived!
Mrs Shields has launched ‘Hot Chocolate Friday’!

The idea of Hot Chocolate Friday is for a member of staff to nominate a child from their class who has gone ‘over and above’ during the week to share a hot drink and a chat together, with Mrs Shields.

It’s an opportunity to say ‘Well Done’ to members of the school who get on quietly but might not always get the recognition they deserve. What better way to end the working week than with your hands around a mug of warm, comforting chocolate, especially on a cool Autumn day – Mrs Shields is certainly enjoying it!


Character Education 2018-19

See our video of Character Education at Orchard Primary School here!

Kindness Week & Anti-Bullying Day
As part of our Character Education work, we ran a special ‘Kindness Week’, culminating in a ‘Choose Respect’ Anti-Bullying day on 15th November where pupils explored a number of issues relating to respect friendship and thoughtfulness. They were also treated to a performance of ’Bully’s Paradise’ by the Firehorse Theatre Company.

Y5 Residential to Whitehall
Year 5 pupils had a wonderful time at Whitehall and returned to school absolutely buzzing about the amazing activities they had participated in during their 3-day residential. It really helped them to develop their determination, teamwork skills and ability to communicate.

An Awesome Day of Learning
To remind pupils of the importance we place on developing ‘character’, the school ran a special Character Education Discovery Day.

Working in mixed aged groups, pupils took part in a range of activities to develop their skills and personal attributes across several fantastic learning zones including:

The Hut of Happiness (Happiness & Positive Attitude).

The Cabin of Creativity (Creativity, Imagination & Reflection). 

The Den of Determination (Determination, Perseverance & Grit).

Classrooms of Concentration (Listening, Concentration).

The Hut of Happiness in Mrs Godsell’s classroom for example was a chance for pupils to develop a positive attitude, to laugh and have fun! Activities included a props photo booth and an art activity involving The Pig of Happiness! The Cabin of Creativity enabled pupils to create ‘Character Binoculars’ to spot important traits such as teamwork, problem-solving and perseverance. There was glitter, glitter and a bit more glitter! There were several Dens of Determination where pupils tackled a number of challenges problem solving, perseverance and determination. The tower building activity in Mr Cooper’s classroom proved to be particularly challenging! Many classrooms required pupils to concentrate - remembering a pathway across a 10x10 giant grid in the studio was a real brainteaser, as was walking blindfolded across a wooden bench.

The Bricks for Kidz Lego workshop proved to be a massive hit as well! There was lots of teamwork, collaboration and creative thinking in evidence. The moving models that pupils made were fantastic

What was wonderful to hear were pupils using the language of character; explaining to staff for example how they were going to persevere and stay positive!

During the last week of the Autumn Term, our Christmas activities had a Character Education focus, with pupils exploring a range of activities designed to help them improve their problem-solving skills, and to develop teamwork and creativity. Activities included designing and making a K-Nex sleigh, 3d snowflake construction and photo booth calendar pics!

Superhero me day

What a fantastic day we had dressing up as our very own superhero.  The children and staff all chose their strongest character muscle as inspiration for their superhero name.

During the day the children moved classes to take part in different exciting activities to work and train different character muscles, from creativity to perserverence, concentration to enthusiasm, teamwork to problem solving.  It was great fun.

We also invited parents in to join the fun during the afternoon and also listen to the reasons why we teach charcter education through our creative curriculum.  Hopefully this gave them a much better understanding of the theory behind it and the fantastic impact it is having on the children.

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Superhero me Day!