Class 1 – EYFS/Y1

Welcome to Class 1
Class 1 is taught by Mrs McGravie with the amazing support of Mrs Horsfall on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Fordham on Thursday and Friday.

In Class 1 we have Reception children and Year 1 children. The Reception children follow the Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS) which involves children experimenting, investigating, and making sense of the world around them through play. Exciting first hand experiences, both self-initiated and adult-led, enable the children to develop knowledge, understanding and key skills in all areas of learning which provide a sound basis for later education. We build a profile of the children’s achievements by regular observations and will share this with you through our online learning journey – Tapestry. We really hope that you will use Tapestry to share your child’s experiences and achievements at home with us.

In Year 1 we build on all the skills and understanding the children gained in the Foundation Stage, continuing to learn by exploring, imagining, experimenting and problem-solving. Year 1 children in Class 1 have lots of opportunities to develop their independence and their social skills as they have to set an example to the younger children of how to be great learners.

The children and the staff in Class 1 are a very creative bunch and we do lots of drawing, painting, making, sewing and cooking. We also love to learn outside and learn about the natural environment.

The most important thing that parents and carers can do at home to support their child’s learning is regular (daily) reading followed by a discussion about the book. The impact of regular reading practise at home is phenomenal, across all areas of learning. Please sign your child’s reading diary and they can change their book as often as they like.

Please have a look at the ‘End Of Year Expectations’ leaflets attached below to see what skills and knowledge children should have acquired by the end of each year group.

ParentLeaflet Year1.pdf


What Are Class 1 Learning About This Year?