Class 7 - Y5

Welcome to Class 7
In class 7, everyone is valued and everyone has a contribution to make.  We are keen to learn and want to learn in a fun way.  We value the Golden Rules and believe that everyone should treat others as they wish to be treated.

We are also a family unit, creating an environment where we can ‘have a go’ even if we are not sure.  We believe that practice really does make perfect and we support each other in our learning journey.

In class 7, the whole person is extremely important and we are therefore helping each other to develop into responsible, resilient, respectful young people.

Please have a look at the ‘End Of Year Expectations’ leaflets attached below to see what skills and knowledge children should have acquired by the end of each year group.

ParentLeaflet Year5.pdf


What Are Class 7 Learning About This Year?