Sue Shearman

Chair of Governors

I became a parent governor shortly after my eldest child, Daniel, started at Orchard. I felt passionately, both about being involved in his education (and my daughter's, who starts soon), but also about giving back to the community and supporting something which would be playing such an important part of our lives for many years to come. 

A particular area of interest to me is the ability to successfully engage parents so that they feel involved and informed about their child's school life, and are supportive of ensuring the success and achievement of all the children within the school.


Governor Details
Category         :    Parent Governor
Term of Office:    01/03/2020 to 29/02/2024

Committee Membership:    Management and Finance
                                            :    Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Other Roles                       :    Appeals & Complaints
                                            :    Safeguarding
                                            :    PSHE & Character Ed
                                            :    More Able
                                            :    Outdoor Education
                                            :    Head teachers PM
                                            :    GDPR
                                            :    Safer Recruitment
                                            :    Pay Committee

Employment                     :    Employed by Experian Ltd
Other Business or Financial Interest:    None
Governance roles in other Schools   :    None
Relationship with School Staff           :    None



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