Sarah Corton

Parent Governor

Hi, I’m Sarah and I have been a governor at Orchard for about 6 months. I saw that Orchard was looking specifically for governors with HR experience. This has been my line of work for 15 years and so I was happy to put my name forward.  I am really enjoying the role and learning a lot from it. Hopefully, I am contributing a bit along the way too! I am also an Orchard parent. My daughter attended for 7 years and my son is still attending Orchard. It’s a fantastic school going from strength to strength and I am very proud to be a part of that.


Governor Details
Category         :    Parent Governor
Term of Office:    21/05/2021 to 20/05/2025

Committee Membership:    Management and Finance
                                            :    Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Other Roles                       :    Appeals & Complaints
                                            :    EYFS

Employment                     :    
Other Business or Financial Interest:    None
Governance roles in other Schools   :    None
Relationship with School Staff           :    None

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