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11 Jul 2019

Animal Magic

Pupils in the Foundation Stage and Classes 4,5 and 6 had a fantastic time learning about a range of   jungle animals during a visit from ‘Animal Magic’. They got to handle a number of amazing creatures  and study them close up … a super outcome event from their topics. ... (click to read more)

09 Jul 2019

County School Games at Uppingham

Congratulations to all those pupils who represented the school in the County School Games at Uppingham. It was a fantastic day and we are so proud of the efforts of these children. We were 1st in the County Champions Y3/4 Tri-Golf tournament and 3rd in the County in the Y5/6 ... (click to read more)

08 Jul 2019

Enterprise Scheme

Congratulations to Year 6 pupils for running a fantastic Enterprise morning at the end of June. They raised  just under £450 by ‘growing’ their £1 loans. We were blown away by their high levels of creativity, teamwork and entrepreneurial skills. Well done to Wheatcroft House who raised the most ... (click to read more)

05 Jul 2019

Let Loose!

Well done to pupils in Y5 & 6, as well as upper Key Stage 2 staff , for their hard work in putting on a superb performance of ‘Let Loose’. The shows were a joy to watch. ... (click to read more)

02 Jul 2019

Sporting News

Congratulations to pupils who participated in the Y5/6 Cricket Championships. Their conduct and performances were superb, with the team winning a Silver Medal. Thank you very much to Mrs Godsell and the parents who supported or transported the children.   ... (click to read more)

02 Jul 2019

Thank You!

We are exceptionally grateful to Redrow Houses for their very generous donation to the school of a  hedgehog house, which was  received by members of the School Council. We would also like to say ‘Thank You’ to Miller Homes, who donated the defibrillator, and met with School Council to formally ... (click to read more)

01 Jul 2019

Curriculum Updates

There’s a bit of a wildlife theme going on in school at the moment, with pupils in Classes 4,5 and 6  exploring the Rainforest, Class 2 pupils exploring a ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and Foundation Stage and Class 1 pupils exploring mini-beasts. Classes 7,8 and 9 are having ‘Fun at ... (click to read more)

21 Jun 2019

Sports Day

Congratulations to Redgate House who won Sports Day and to McLeans who won Spirit of the Games. ... (click to read more)

20 Jun 2019

Practice School Performance Let Loose

For all students that need to practice the School Performance Songs for 'Let Loose!', please click on the links below (the lyrics will be displayed once you start listening to the music): Link: 1. Let Loose  Link: 2.Peace And Quiet Link: 3. Bus Driver Blues Link: 4. Roll Up, Roll Up Link: 5. Toffington College Link: 6. Let's Build A ... (click to read more)

15 Jun 2019

Marvellous Maths Day & Times Table-Athon

As well as undertaking a Time Table A Thon, which was won by Redgate House,  pupils took part in a range of problem solving and reasoning tasks during Marvellous Maths Day, to celebrate all the wonderful Maths learning taking place at Orchard and to promote a positive mathematical culture ... (click to read more)

10 Jun 2019

Superhero Me Day

Pow! Wham! Super Hero Me Learning Day was …well, super! Dressed as superhero   learners, pupils enthusiastically took part in a range of carousel activities to enable them to explore ‘character’ and the important  qualities that make a ‘Super Learner!’ Pupils were involved in a variety of activities that were designed to enhance their confidence, sense of ... (click to read more)

03 Jun 2019

House Competitions Week

We don’t like to do ‘low key’ so we thought we’d end a rather hectic half-term with an even more hectic (first ever) House Competitions Week! All pupils took part in a variety of sporting and topic themed activities, earning points for their team (Coppice, McLeans, Wheatcroft & Redgate). The ‘Ultimate Scavenger ... (click to read more)

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