English is taught at Orchard Community Primary School with the aim of providing all our pupils with the key life skills of communication, through spoken and written language. Our policy is securely based on the National Curriculum 2014 document. We aim to deliver each unit of work using exciting texts and resources so that our pupils have the opportunity to develop their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.


  • To allow every child to reach their potential and develop their abilities in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • To give as many opportunities as possible to use English across the curriculum, including English being taught as an integral part of topics.
  • To give an entitlement for all pupils.
  • To create a policy that shows continuity and progression from foundation through to upper Key Stage 2.
  • To promote a love and understanding of English and engage each child.


To encourage children to:

  • Be effective oral and written communicators and use Top Talk to help achieve this aim.
  • To be able to take part in discussion effectively and offer a valid opinion, respond to a wide range of texts and genres.
  • To be able to use punctuation and grammar effectively and correctly.
  • To understand spelling conventions including phonetic knowledge and spelling pattern and exceptions.
  • Be able to work imaginatively, critically and produce well-presented work.

We take teaching English very seriously and try to ensure that lessons are dynamic and full of new experiences and challenges; such as performing poetry using Green Screen equipment to turn into short films, writing stories that cannot be put down and preparing lively questions for interviewing a range of people on our radio station.

As far as possible, English lessons are integrated with our topics and pupils have the opportunity to write reports, letters, diary entries, explanations and poems. For example in the KS2 topic, Space, Year 5 wrote a series of poems describing the planets and for Invaders and Settlers, Year 4 produced newspaper recounts on the discovery of the Saxon treasure – The Staffordshire Hoard. In Key Stage 1, year 1 created their own non-fiction books 'All about Bears', within the topic 'Animals and Habitats'. 

English at Orchard School

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