Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Welcome to EYFS
Children in our Reception class follow the Foundation Stage curriculum. This curriculum is the fore-runner to the National Curriculum and involves young children experimenting, investigating, and making sense of the world around them through play.

Exciting first hand experiences, both self-initiated and adult-led, enable the children to develop knowledge, understanding and key skills in all areas of learning which provide a sound basis for later education.

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Making Relationships; Self-confidence and self-awareness; Managing Feelings and Behaviour)
  • Communication and Language (Listening and Attention; Understanding; Speaking)
  • Physical Development (Moving and Handling; Health and Self-Care)
  • Literacy (Reading, Writing)
  • Mathematics (Numbers, Shape, Space and Measures)
  • Understanding the World (People and Communities, The World, Technology)
  • Expressive Arts and Design (Exploring and Using Media and Materials; Being Imaginative).

The morning sessions include many Literacy and Numeracy activities which are very practical based with a good variety of additional choice activities including role play, outdoor play, construction, sand, water and play dough.

All children participate in a ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonic session daily from Monday to Friday for 25 minutes. The afternoon sessions are more fluid and children can access activities in both classrooms and the outdoor area.  

Throughout the year an on-going profile of each child’s achievements will be kept based on regular observations. This will form the basis of the end of year Foundation Stage Profile, which is shared with you through Parents’ Evening and End of Year Report.


What Are Class 4+ Learning About This Year?

Termly Overview

Term Link
Autumn FS Overview Autumn 2018.pdf
Spring FS Overview Spring 2019.pdf
Summer FS Overview Summer 2019.pdf


Termly Topic Maps

Term Link
Autumn 1 FS (TTP) Autumn Mind Map - Autumn Term 1.pdf
Autumn 1 FS (TTP) Pirates Mind Map - Autumn Term 1.pdf
Autumn 2 FS (TTP) Christmas Mind Map - Autumn Term 2.pdf
Autumn 2 FS (TTP) Celebrations Mind Map - Autumn Term 2.pdf
Spring 1 FS (TTP) Winter Mind Map - Spring Term 1.pdf
Spring 1 FS (TTP) Minibeasts Mind Map - Spring Term 1.pdf
Spring 1 FS (TTP) Spring Mind Map - Spring Term 1.pdf
Spring 2 FS (TTP) Dungeons & Dragons Mind Map - Spring Term 2.pdf
Summer 1 FS (TTP) Green Fingers Mind Map - Summer Term 1.pdf


Medium Term Planning

Term Link
Autumn FS (MTP) Autumn Coverage.pdf
Spring FS (MTP) Spring Coverage.pdf
Summer FS (MTP) Summer Coverage.pdf


Image Gallery

If only it was like this at home!
You wash, I'll dry
Wish they were real smarties
Course it's not a real fire!
Those boots were made for splashing
Who really understands Brexit?
Is that a pint of bitter sir?
I think we've run aground
Like Google Maps, but easier to follow
Arrr, me hearty!
First day of Maypole practice
No windows, what else needs fixing?
Second day of Maypole practice
Are you sure there's gold in here?
This is a hard jigsaw
We should have brought sandwiches
Are you sure this is how we practice lining up?
New plans for School expansion
Are you sure this is how you make cakes?
Boys!, this is how you make cakes
Speed writing for boys
No you see me, now...
It's a choo choooooooooo train