Collective Worship Policy (2021)

It is a legal requirement that all registered school age pupils take part in an act of worship each day.

In line with the 1988 Education Reform Act, these acts of worship must be “wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian Character” for the majority of the time. They must also be “appropriate, having regard to the ages, aptitudes and family backgrounds of the pupils”.

Families who send their children to this school are in the main ‘nominally’ Christian. We do have some children from practising Christian families as well as from the Jehovah’s Witness faith. In addition, there are children who are from religions other than Christianity and some from non-religious backgrounds.

We recognise that in asking our children to worship, we have to consider the background that our children come from and it is therefore not the practice of this school to preach to or convert the children. Assemblies are conducted in a manner that is sensitive and respectful to the individual faiths and beliefs of all members of the school community.

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