Sex, Relationship & Education Policy (2021)


  • To have common experiences of attitudes and values and development of personal and social skills in all the Shepshed and Castle Donington Learning Partnership Schools to facilitate future teaching in the High School.
  • To have a whole school policy for the teaching of Sex and Relationships across the curriculum and throughout the school.
  • For Sex and Relationships Education to be an integral part of the learning process, beginning in childhood and continuing into adult life.
  • To teach children about the basic processes of reproduction.
  • To have due consideration to the qualities of relationships in family life.
  • To help children develop a set of moral values and responsibilities.
  • To foster a sense of self-esteem and self-worth.
  • To help children to understand that they have rights over their own bodies and to be aware of possible dangers.
  • To promote the importance of personal health and hygiene.
  • To provide appropriate information at the appropriate time to dispel myths and reassure.

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