Single Central Record (SCR) Policy (2021)

Statement of Intent
At Orchard Primary School we are committed to promoting the safety and wellbeing of our staff, pupils and visitors. Ensuring the safety of our school community is of paramount importance and, as a result, this policy has been created to establish a more comprehensive safer recruitment procedure so that pupils feel safe at school.

A SCR is required as part of this process as it provides our school with a record of all pre-employment checks, ensuring staff are safe to work in the school.

To ensure the school is recruiting suitable individuals for a role, employment checks will be carried out by the governing body and the Headteacher, in line with the school’s Recruitment and Selection Policy.

The checks will include identity checks, right to work in the UK checks, varying levels of DBS checks (depending on the role), as well as extended European Economic Area (EEA) checks for staff who have lived or worked outside the UK.

This policy outlines the school’s procedure for maintaining an up-to-date SCR in line with government statutory requirements and guidance. It has been written in conjunction with Keeping Children Safe in Education (2018).

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