Work Experience Policy (2021)

Statement of intent
At Orchard Primary School, we believe that work experience is an important learning experience for young people. Work experience at our school allows individuals to experience the social interaction, professional values, daily routines and general demands that typify a role in a school.

As well as benefitting the young person who undertakes work experience, at Orchard we believe that this opportunity can also benefit our pupils. Young people on work experience can bring enthusiasm, practical help and increased engagement to the classroom.

The benefits of work experience to both the young person and our school mean that Orchard is committed to providing opportunities for work experience within the school wherever this is possible and practicable, and where this does not interfere with the quality of teaching and learning provided to our own pupils.

This policy sets out the practices and procedures which will be followed when young people undertake work experience at Orchard Primary School. This allows our school to provide a safe environment and positive educational climate for pupils.

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