We believe that keeping children safe from harm of any kind is every adult’s responsibility and we take our safeguarding responsibilities seriously.

Safeguarding in school is a very wide area which covers all aspects of keeping children safe at all times.  It includes the physical environment of the school buildings and land, a wide range of practices and procedures, and close liaison with a range of other agencies. 

We are committed to monitoring and listening to all our pupils to identify possible problems. Where there are serious concerns about a child’s safety, we will share our concerns with the relevant authorities.

As part of our Safeguarding role, we teach all children how to keep themselves and others safe (at an age-appropriate level). Our PSHE Scheme of Work includes work on Domestic Violence, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Bullying, Personal Safety, Inappropriate touching, Secrets, Relationships, Cyber Bullying, Internet security etc. Children are also given clear information about how to report things they feel uncomfortable about.

We work closely with other agencies eg the Police, Social Care, the Health Service etc. to ensure that children in danger are identified and kept safe.

From time to time, families may find themselves in difficulties which could prove detrimental to their children. We will work with those families so that they are supported to ensure their children’s safety and well-being and signpost them to other agencies who may be able to offer help and support.

There are two designated Safeguard Leaders in school: Mrs. A. Sherwood and Mr. J. Patching.  Concerns about child protection and safeguarding should be reported to them as soon as possible. Safeguarding is monitored by the Governors and the designated Governor is Mr. M. Battle.

If you have any concerns that a child is in danger, you should report it to Social Care Emergency Duty team 0116 305 005 or the Police.

 Safeguarding policy 

Health and Safety Policy