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Election News
The School Council at Orchard is elected through a fair and democratic process. Each September, children in Year 6 present their manifesto to the school and explain why they would make a good Chair of School Council and what they would do to make the school an even better place. The whole school then votes for their selected candidate. The Chair and Vice Chair meet with Mrs Parker (School Council Link Teacher) regularly to plan and write the agenda for each meeting. Our Chair this year is Amelia and our Vice Chair is Charlotte. They have some great ideas for how they can work as a team to make Orchard even better.

We also hold elections within each class to find our Class Representatives. Their job is to feedback the key information from each meeting to their class. They are to then gather any ideas that their class may have ready for the next meeting. Having representatives from each class makes sure that the children’s voices are heard and involves children from Year 1 to Year 6 in the decision making.

The children all look forward to the meetings and they know that they have a responsible job and can make a big difference to the way the school is run. Look out for information on the School Council Board which will include meetings from our last meeting and what we have achieved so far


School Council News
Ideas and suggestions from class councils are brought to full school councils meetings each half term, enabling pupil views, on a wide range of matters, to be taken into consideration.

As your School Council, we promise to:

  • Listen to your ideas, concerns and worries.
  • Always wear our badges so you can find us if you ever need us.
  • Attend our regular meetings to ensure we are always working on the projects you want.
  • Work with Mrs Shearman, Mrs Shields and the governors to make sure your ideas are heard and actioned.


Latest Projects

Macmillan Coffee Morning
Thank you so much to the parents/visitors who attended our Macmillan Coffee Morning. We also very much appreciated the help from those who donated cakes or sent their children in with money to spend.

Thanks to the very persuasive sales techniques of our fantastic school council, we were able to raise £500 for this wonderful charity. The cakes looked absolutely delicious!

Children in Need
School Council have organised a wear ‘PJ and Onesies’ day for the BBC’s Children In Need appeal. To help raise additional funds, they are also running a colouring competition (with prizes for three winners), judged by School Council members.

Odd Socks Day!
As part of National Anti-Bullying Week , pupils will be taking part in a number of special anti-bullying/kindness activities during the special theme day in November. 

To join in with the National Anti-bullying Alliance campaign, School Council have invited pupils to take part in Odd Socks Day - an opportunity for pupils to express themselves and celebrate their individuality. All children have to do to take part is to wear odd socks to school on the Tuesday; it couldn’t be simpler! 

Healthy Eating Promotion
Our School Councillors have been busy producing leaflets about healthy eating to encourage us all to make good choices in our packed lunches.

From the beginning of November, School Council will be selling poppies and other poppy related items (wristbands, snap-bands, key rings etc.). Suggested donations range from 50p-£1.50.

School Council Christmas Cake Sale
To raise funds for School Council, we are inviting pupils, parents and carers to bake cakes for a Christmas themed cake sale in December during break-time. Cakes will cost 50p each.

Christmas Jumper Day School Council are inviting pupils to wear a Christmas jumper/cardigan/top to school in December to celebrate Christmas lunch day. (Pupils should wear their usual school shoes, trousers, shorts, skirt etc.)


We are very proud of our School Council. They are wonderful ambassadors for our school!



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