Orchard School is committed to providing an inclusive education for all primary-age children in our catchment area. We understand that all children are individuals and have a wide range of abilities and needs.  Within our mainstream school setting we offer appropriate support and adaptation to ensure that all children can enjoy their education and achieve success.

All children follow the National Curriculum and work in the classroom alongside their peers. They are encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of school life and to develop into responsible members of the community.

Assessments are made to identify individual needs to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to make progress and to achieve their potential in all areas.

Special Needs and Disability

The Inclusion Leader, Mrs Miller, works closely with classroom staff to assess pupil needs and then to determine the support needed. Some children will be placed on the Special Needs Register and will have an Individual Education Plan which makes detailed provision for the child.  At times, some children will be withdrawn from the classroom for short sessions of additional teaching to help them to achieve their personal targets and make good progress. Mrs Miller also manages referrals to outside agencies eg Speech and Language Service, Autism Outreach, Educational Psychologist etc. to access advice.

It is especially important that parents and school work together to support a child with Special Educational Needs or Disability and parents will always be consulted and invited to contribute to their child’s Education Plan. These plans are reviewed towards the end of every term and parents are invited to attend and/or contribute to the meetings.

A room in the Learning Centre is set aside for a wide range of  Inclusion Materials which are used in the classrooms to support learning.

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