Teacher Training

Are you looking to make a difference in the lives of young people? 
Do you have a passion for education and a desire to inspire the next generation of leaders?

At our school, we understand that education is a powerful force for change, capable of shaping a better world. We are proud to partner with Inspiring Leaders Teacher Training (ILTT) to bring you an outstanding educational experience. 

Inspiring Leaders SCITT offers over a wide range of places, catering for all backgrounds, on its SCITT accredited courses, all offering QTS and a full PGCE award with masters credits. Within the Primary provision, ILTT offer 5 bespoke courses: 

  • Primary PGCE 5 -11
  • Primary PGCE 3 – 7
  • Primary PGCE 5 -11 with PE
  • Primary PGCE  5 – 11 with Maths
  • Primary PGCE  5-11 with SEND

Why we have trainees from ILTT at our school? 

We have aligned with ILTT because we believe in the 3 components that stand at the forefront of their programme.
The People: ILTT ensure that they look at you as a person first and a trainee second and will continually invest in you as a person. Through their exceptional training, they will develop the following qualities and support you to be: knowledgeable, professional, creative, reflective, emotionally intelligent and resilient. 
The Location: ILTT carefully selects locations and communities to provide an enriching and diverse learning experience. By joining them, you'll have the opportunity to gain unique insights from a wide range of backgrounds, allowing you to connect with every child in a meaningful way. 

The Support: ILTT offer personalised mentorship to help you flourish. You will receive the guidance and tools needed to excel in the classroom, because your success as an educator directly impacts on the success of your children. 

So, if you have a real passion for making the world a better place for children and would like to explore teacher training, we feel that Inspiring Leaders is the best place to start your journey.  
Visit Inspiring Leaders website to find out more about our programmes and services, and to learn how you can get involved. 

Teach Primary: https://inspiringleadersscitt.com/teach-primary/

Teach Secondary: https://inspiringleadersscitt.com/teach-secondary/