Michael Battle

LA Governor

I have served as a Governor since 2005, starting initially as a ‘Parent Governor’, then being appointed as ‘Chair of Governors’ until 2016. I am now sitting on the Committee as a ‘Co-opted Governor’, having stepped down due to now being employed by the School as an IT Network Manager and Teaching Assistant.

Both of my daughters have attended the School and both are doing extremely well in their studies, having been given an excellent start at Orchard Community Primary School. They were always happy and well supported by all the staff.

I have been providing IT Support for the last 35 years in different capacities, with the last 15 years specifically been in IT Education Support.

As a Governor, I am committed to ensuring that every child attending the School has an equal opportunity to receive the best possible start in their educational path. I recognise the extremely high importance that Primary Education has in helping pupils to realise their full potential.


Governor Details
Category         :    Co-Opted Governor
Term of Office:    26/08/2019 to 25/08/2023

Committee Membership:    Management and Finance
                                            :    Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Other Roles                       :    E-Safety
                                            :    Website

Employment                     :    Employed by LCC at Orchard School
Other Business or Financial Interest:    None
Governance roles in other Schools   :    None
Relationship with School Staff           :    None


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