At Orchard Community Primary School, we aim to make Information Technology an integral part of the curriculum so that our pupils obtain a set of skills that can be built on in other subjects, at secondary school and in later life. 

This is achieved by presenting children with the opportunity to:

  • meet the requirements of the National Curriculum to enable all children to reach the highest possible standards of achievement.
  • enable all children to use IT with purpose and enjoyment to become confident, independent users through individual and team learning.
  • further extend their experience of using IT by delivery across the curriculum.
  • respond to new developments in IT, facilitating effective use.
  • understand the capabilities, limitations, implications and consequences of the use of IT.
  • provide tasks which are interesting and give scope for further development in IT capability.
  • understand how to be safe using e-technologies.

Computing is taught through the following strands:

  • Communicating – through the use of: various word processing/multimedia programmes, e-mail, the internet and creative software that covers all areas of the curriculum.
  • Handling Information- using IT to sort and classify, extract and interpret information
  • Modelling - using IT to work collaboratively in “real and imaginary” situations using interactive learning games and content based simulations related to topics.
  • Controlling - using IT skills to control on-screen and external objects.
  • Computer Programming – create/design/write and debug simple programs.

The Computing Policy and Plans can be found in the links below:
 Computing Statement of Intent, Implementation & Impact.pdf
 Computing Long Term Plan (LTP).pdf
 Computing Action Plan 2021-22.pdf
 Computing Progression Map.pdf
 Computing Characteristics Grid.pdf
 Computing Key Concept.pdf


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